Engaging the services of Yvonne and Executive Support Advantage was the best thing I did for my organization during my Presidency. She always delivers the goods on time and as promised. With the crowded, busy, frantic pace of business today, it is a true gift to me and my colleagues to have Yvonne on our team. Anna Liotta

Virtual Office Support for Hard-Working Volunteer Boards

At Executive Support Advantage, our mission is to help you focus on your mission. Since 2004 we've helped overworked volunteer boards in Seattle and the Eastside keep their organizations running smoothly with our virtual office management services. Non-profit organizations, trade associations and professional societies rely on the exceptional service, business technology and friendly personnel of our association management company to ensure efficiency in everything from daily operations to events.

Executive Support Advantage can help your organization become more effective, productive and focused. Your governing board can dedicate its limited volunteer time to developing and building the organization—rather than spending it on the time-consuming details of office management. Flexible and accommodating, we'll work closely with you to select the right mix of services to meet your requirements. And as your organization grows, we'll proudly support your changing needs with reliable service and prompt, professional communication.

Many clients look to us to provide ongoing service from year to year, so even as trustees come and go we consistently serve, providing organizational continuity. That allows us to stay one step ahead, often anticipating your growth requirements, while serving as a valuable resource of knowledge and historical perspective for members to draw upon.